We meet AAFCO Nutritional profiles for all stages of life!

What byproducts are you dropping in your pup’s dinner bowl? All pet food products are subject to FDA labeling requirements, skip the bold claims and photos on the front of the bag and find the list of the ingredients in the product. The FDA requires that ingredients are listed by predominance of weight in the product, top to bottom.

Feed your dog with confidence with Honey Creek as their sole source of food.

All natural dog food

Our Ingredients

USDA Beef, USDA Beef Liver, USDA Turkey, Long Grain Brown Rice, Whole Peas, Diced Carrots, Whole Blueberries, Whole Cherries, Ground Chickpeas, Organic Chia Seed, Refined Emu Oil, Vitamins and Mineral supplements.

Our meat, fruits and vegetables are sourced in the State of Michigan!

Cooked at low temperature to protect nutrition!

Why our Ingredients?

We pioneered the use of Chia Seed, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids as a natural binder in all of our USDA beef and turkey recipes. We offer Emu Oil, rich in K2 vitamins and anti inflammatory properties; blueberries and cherries, rich in antioxidants and always use 100% whole food ingredients. Holistic nutrition, naturally!

Organic Chia Seeds. Made in Michigan. Made in a USDA facility. Gluten Free.

Better Food for your Dog

Its simple, really. If you provide your dog with all natural whole foods for a meal they benefit more. We never approach our recipes on a cost basis. If its not a whole food product we don’t use it!

Better Nutrients

All of our ingredients have nutritional value. We do not use any fillers or processed binders that have no, or negative nutritional value. Our foods contain all natural nutrition for holistic natural health.

More Protein

Dogs are meat eaters; that’s how Nature made them! Dogs thrive on meat-based diets. When comparing protein between dry and wet food you need to remove the moisture content in a wet food to compare on a dry matter basis. For example a wet food at 12% protein with 60% moisture compares to dry by 12/.30 = 40% !

Whole Ingredients

When we say “whole foods” we mean it. All of our ingredients are whole foods as you would expect to see in the grocery store. Our ingredients are added as full fruits and vegetables, never a by product of processing for human consumption.